I wrote about the president of cheero!

Nice to meet you. My name is Fuchon, a female cheero employee. She changed jobs and joined the company, and it's been less than four years now. Although it is a small company with 11 people (as of today), we are doing our daily work in a friendly atmosphere with a cozy atmosphere unique to a small number of people. --- Talk about the president! A bear who likes sweets (mainly red bean paste) ?! -------- I was wondering what to write, but this time I would like to talk about our president, Higashi. When I first joined the company, I thought I was from China because my full name is "Higashi Ryo" and my voice is basically loud. (Not all Chinese have a loud voice, but it's a selfish image.) Despite turning 70 last year, he is still a powerful president who travels abroad once every few months. In a word, his appearance is "Kuma no O-san". I love sweets (especially red bean paste) and basically eat fast, so I wonder if it's okay to serve such sweets during coffee time and have a blood sugar level? I'm a little worried, but the smile of the president when I put out the sweets seems to be so happy that I just want to give a lot, so it's dangerous ☆ It may not sound very good when you hear "Impatient, mood shop, rough personality",
"Impatient" is because speed is important in modern business society. "Mood shop" is to think flexibly by changing the way of thinking of things every day. "Rough" is because it allows for small mistakes with a big heart
I believe. I have to argue with the president several times a year, and to be honest, I sometimes get dented, but since it is covered elsewhere and eventually becomes-++ (minus, plus, plus), I feel that is the reason for being the president. .. Also, with the feelings of employees, when someone feels sick, they care about me, "Is it okay?", Or buy a cake that looks delicious, and it's like everyone's father.
"I see" to "navel" "JAN code" to "jam code" "Seven-Eleven" to "Eleven Seven"
The president who has a messy side, such as saying that. I'm just fascinated by the president who shows me a new side every day. Imagine the president who happily says "Thank you" today, and will serve coffee and sweets. Thank you for reading this far. * If you like, please follow cheero female employee (@cheero_girls) on Twitter . Basically, I'm muttering about today's weather, cats, rice, and trivia. Fuchon