About Amazon review posting of our product suspected of forging Sakura

We confirmed that the reviews "looks like cherry blossoms" were posted on our product page on Amazon at the end of last year.

Amazon's Sakura Review has the following features.

1. Posting full name by Japanese name
2. Japanese is unnatural
3. If you check the reviewer post list, there are many extreme posts with 1 star and 5 stars

The Sakura review of online shopping was regarded as a problem last year so that it was taken up by NHK "Close-up Hyundai +", and its method became well known.

Recently, we have taken the trick of Sakura Review and are aware of the trick of a vendor who "posts a Sakura review that seems to be fraudulent at first glance and makes a bad reputation" to competitors, but in fact, SNS There are some indications above that "cheero may be reviewing Amazon fraudulently", and it has suffered significant damage to the brand image.

Currently, we are requesting Amazon to delete unnatural posts and investigate the posters. However, it is almost impossible to prove that "Sakura Review is forged by another company", and there is currently no means to prevent it, and it is a very difficult situation.

We have consistently opposed actions such as stealth marketing and shilling in reviews.
We would appreciate it if you could take note of unnatural product review cases.