How to dispose of used mobile batteries

Unlike dry batteries, mobile batteries can be continuously charged and discharged repeatedly. Although
, unfortunately it has a limited life. It is said that the capacity that can be stored gradually decreases as it is used, and it becomes unusable after about 500 charges.

When you hear

500 times, it seems that the life is short, but if you charge it once a week, for example, you can continue to use it for about 10 years. It depends on how often you use it, but it has an unexpectedly long life cycle.
Even so, the life will end someday. At that time, how should we dispose of it?

Needless to say, it cannot be thrown away as "non-burnable garbage". Most municipalities, whether mobile or dry batteries, have separate collection rules than normal non-burnable garbage, as they are at risk of ignition. Some local governments have not yet collected any rechargeable batteries. For more information, please contact each local government.

The most appropriate disposal method for used mobile batteries is "recycling". Lithium-ion batteries, which are the main components of mobile batteries, are "small rechargeable batteries" based on the "Act on Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources."
This Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources is a law for promoting reduce, reuse, and recycling, and products incorporating small rechargeable batteries can be collected and recycled by the manufacturer that made the product. It is obligatory.

And it is " General Incorporated Association JBRC (hereinafter JBRC) " that promotes this mobile battery recycling activity. We will contribute to the formation of a recycling-oriented society that protects the precious resources of the earth and considers environmental conservation, and promotes recycling activities for small rechargeable batteries that are rooted in the global environment and daily life. Our company (T.R.A. Co., Ltd.) supports this activity and is working to create a sustainable society.

So how do you actually recycle your mobile battery?

① Confirm that it is a collection target

Products from manufacturers that are members of JBRC are eligible for collection.

You can check the list of JBRC member manufacturers from the following page.

② Confirm recycling cooperation stores

The collection base is a recycling cooperation store registered with JBRC, and major electric stores and home centers are listed.

You can search for recycling partner stores from the following page.

③ Put in the recycling box

A recycling box is installed at the store, so if you insert a used mobile battery into it, it will be recycled.

* Recycled BOX cans may not be in a conspicuous place in the store due to avoiding the introduction of non-collectible items and considering safety. In that case, please check with the store staff.

* Disassembled battery packs, damaged batteries, inflated or wet batteries, laminated type batteries that are not in the hard case, etc. are not subject to collection .

When purchasing a new mobile battery from now on, it is safe to check whether it is a JBRC member manufacturer in advance when disposing of the used one. In particular, it should be noted that many of the cheap mobile batteries sold in online shops may not be affiliated with JBRC.

We are currently considering the collection of mobile batteries that are not subject to collection due to expansion, etc., and will announce when the policy is finalized.