About thorough clarification of the relationship of cheero product review articles

From multiple blog articles that have introduced cheero products so far, we have pointed out a case where the notation of the relationship clearly stated when providing the sample was omitted, and we confirmed it.

cheero receives product reviews from media people and bloggers through sample provision and product lending when new products are released, but at the time of introduction, "product provision" and "product lending" Please state the relationship clearly.

We believe that the notation of the relationship clearly is extremely important for the fact that the product sample is provided to be accurately conveyed to the readers of your medium, and acts such as stealth marketing and cherry blossom acts in reviews. We are consistently taking the opposite stance. As a company, we have never suggested or directed stealth marketing.

We take this omission of notation very seriously and will strengthen the following measures to prevent recurrence.

・ We would like to ask the bloggers who have reported omissions to try to prevent recurrence.

・ We will notify the media and bloggers who provide and rent product samples to check again for any omissions, including past articles, and to add them again if there are any. increase.

・ We will clarify the guidelines and check the published articles when new products are released in the future.

We apologize for the concern and inconvenience caused to the media, bloggers, and readers.