Why does a mobile battery
accident occur?

Mobile batteries are now a necessity for smartphone users. It has rapidly become popular as a convenient tool that allows you to charge your smartphone anytime, anywhere by putting one in your bag when you go out.

However, on the other hand, it is certain that accidents such as ignition and explosion of mobile batteries are becoming more noticeable. In the five years up to 2017, there were 168 fire accidents caused by lithium-ion batteries built into mobile batteries and smartphones, and 41 people were injured. Unfortunately, it is not "100% safe".
After all, lithium-ion batteries store a huge amount of energy inside (that's why they can be used for a long time after being charged). Due to its structure, it has very delicate characteristics that make it easy to ignite and explode.

A mobile battery consists of a lithium-ion battery body called a "cell" for storing that energy, and a circuit for managing charging and discharging. If this cell is damaged or the circuit is short-circuited, an abnormal current will flow, causing ignition or explosion. Cell damage can be caused by impurities entering somewhere in the manufacturing process, and circuit manufacturing defects or failures can trigger damage to the cell.

Of course, such manufacturing defects cannot be seen from the outside. Whether it's a well-known brand or a generic brand, manufacturing defects and failures can occur. For that reason, it is necessary to confirm whether there is a "PSE mark" and whether it is possible to contact the domestic manufacturer or importer immediately if any abnormality is felt.

is not the only one. The important thing is how to handle the mobile battery. It is important to handle it carefully, knowing that it has the characteristics of being prone to ignition and explosion. It is dangerous to apply strong pressure such as putting the mobile battery in the pocket of your pants or the bottom of the bag, or drop it from a high place.
Also, be careful of high temperature environments such as leaving it on the dashboard of a car in midsummer.
In fact, many fires caused by mobile batteries are said to be due to such improper use. Mobile batteries are different from AA and AAA batteries. Please keep in mind that it is one "electrical appliance".

By the way, mobile batteries have some heat when charging and supplying power. It seems that many people are worried about that, but if the temperature is high enough to hold it in their hands, there is no problem at all. On the other hand, if the heat is too hot to hold, stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer / importer.