High cost spa for 2980 yen. Not just "cheero Wireless Earphones LITE"

The new "cheero Wireless Earphones LITE" released by cheero is an earphone for enjoying music in the light. First of all, the price is reasonable at 2980 yen. And light. The earphones on one side weigh only 5 grams. It's so light that you'll forget you're wearing it.

The size of the earphone body has also been developed to be smaller. It is a size that even people with small ears can comfortably wear.

Sounds are the sounds of musical instruments that can be heard clearly one by one. Vocals come out without being hidden by the sound of the guitar or bass, high-speed guitar riffs can be heard clearly, and the sound of the piano is full of reality. This is an earphone that is addicted to music to your heart's content.

Further tuned so that the bass can be heard clearly. You can feel the scale of a general instrument sound, not the deep bass, but it still conveys a powerful low-end tone. It produces a solid beat that you can't imagine from the size and lightness of the earphones. It has the quality to play any genre, but it is also recommended when listening to dance music such as EDM where the rhythm section feels good.

Light earphones for ear health

By the way, the smallest earphone as an item for playing music is important for us to enjoy music listening casually. However, these earphones can unknowingly put a strain on your body.

The biggest problem is hearing loss due to loud and long listening. Behind the eardrum is an organ called the cochlea, which is necessary for the brain to recognize the sound captured by the ear, and the hair cells in this organ are delicate. Even if it is a loud sound or a certain volume, it tends to be damaged by listening for a long time.

Hair cells recover by resting your ears (not listening to loud sounds), but if you continue to listen to music while it is damaged, the risk of noise-induced hearing loss increases. increase. In 2019, WHO recommends that about half (1.1 billion) of young people between the ages of 12 and 35 are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss in the future.

Unfortunately, the current medical technology has not established a regenerative medicine technology for hair cells. If you want to enjoy music for a long time, you should think about how to use earphones.

By the way, the sound taste of "cheero Wireless Earphones LITE" is a part that I would like to recommend to those who want to take good care of their ears. Originally developed with the desire to take good care of the listener's ears, this is actually the best recommendation!

Since the bassline is easy to hear, you can fully convey the sizzle of music without turning up the volume. that's right. You don't have to turn up the volume just because you want to listen to more music. Even with a volume of about BGM, we have created an energy balance that allows you to spend a satisfying time with your favorite songs.

Earphones that are perfect for meetings

"cheero Wireless Earphones LITE" is not just an earphone for listening to music. It's the perfect earphone for meeting with online conferencing services such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Actually, when you open the lid of the charging case, it becomes a stand where you can put your smartphone in the horizontal position. The angle is about 45 degrees upward. It's perfect for placing on a table. You can communicate with your smartphone while working with other laptops open.

It's perfect for watching Netflix and YouTube videos on your smartphone. Since you listen to the audio using earphones, you can enjoy hands-free video content even in cafes and bullet trains.

We have also prepared an out cover that allows you to fix the charging case to the strap of the bag so that you can use the earphones more easily and comfortably. You can store the earphones immediately when you want to rest your ears a little without having to put the charging case in and out of your pocket.

Not only cost performance. It is also practical and useful for ear care. Such earphones are "cheero Wireless Earphones LITE".