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cheero Canvas 3200mAh IoT device compatible

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Introducing mobile batteries for IoT devices!

Until now, one-board computers were powered from outlets, but there were problems such as no outlet nearby and cables getting in the way. With this product, you can use it even in an environment without an outlet.


Can supply power even with a weak current

Since the one-board computer operates with a very weak current, the protection function works with a general mobile battery and the power supply is stopped. This product can continue to supply power if the power is turned on.
* Operation is not guaranteed for one-board computers that require power of 5V / 2.1A or higher. Also, please note that it may not work even if it is less than that.


Also supports Sleepion power supply!

This product can also supply power to Sleepion and charge smartphones and tablets. Compact form that pursues thinness and lightness. Despite its compact size that fits comfortably in your chest pocket, the iPhone 6 has a battery capacity that can be charged once.


All I / O buttons and indicators are integrated on one side

The design is simple and has a nice touch. We pursued further convenience by consolidating all functions on one side. It also has the same indicator (three stages) as before.


Just connect the cable and press the button!

The operation is easy, just connect the cable and press the power button on the battery body to start power supply. Press the power button again to stop.
* Be sure to turn off the power after use.

Product name
cheero Canvas 3200mAh IoT device compatible
Model number
Battery capacity
3200mAh, lithium polymer
White, black
Dimensions (main body)
Approximately 50 x 85 x 16 mm
Weight (main body)
About 85 g
5V / 1A max
5V / 2.1A max
charging time
Approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes (when using 1A adapter)
Available times
About 500 times
Compatible models
One-board computer (Raspberry Pi, etc.), various iPhone / iPad / iPad mini, smartphone / mobile phone, Wi-Fi router, etc.
Product Warranty
1 year from the date of purchase
・ USB-MicroUSB cable for charging the main unit ・ Instruction / Warranty (1 year warranty)
Protection function
1) Automatic stop function when overcharged (voltage / current)
2) Automatic stop function during over-discharge (voltage / current)
3) Automatic stop function when short-circuited
4) Automatic stop function when heat is generated