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cheero DANBOARD 10050mAh

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The popular Danbo battery is even more cute and compact!

The popular 10400mAh Danbo battery has become smaller and more powerful! Introducing the strongest and most cute mobile battery with the Oriko function. Large capacity of 10050mAh, but only 190g. The iPhone 6 can be fully charged 3.5 times, so you can use it for business trips and travel from a little outing.


The capacity is almost the same. The size is 2/3!

The battery capacity is almost the same from the previous work 10400mAh to 10050mAh, and it is significantly smaller and lighter. A large-capacity, compact battery that is easier to use than ever before.


High quality batteries selected for safety

Usability such as battery capacity, function, and miniaturization is important, but the battery is a large energy mass. That is why safety comes first. We are particular about safety and security, such as installing highly reliable high quality batteries and using highly flame-retardant materials.


Intelligent charging with AUTO-IC function

Equipped with an AUTO-IC function that automatically recognizes the connected device, it is a smart battery that optimizes charging for the device regardless of which port it is plugged into.


Input current is 2A, high-speed power supply to Danbo

From the conventional 1A input port to 2A. By using it together with the included micro USB cable, the power supply speed to the battery body is twice as fast as before. * Please use an AC adapter that supports 2A.

Product name
cheero Power Plus 10050mAh DANBOARD version
Model number
Battery capacity
light brown
Dimensions (main body)
Approximately 95 x 62 x 22 mm
Weight (main body)
About 190 g
5V / 2A MAX (Micro USB)
5V / 3.4A (total)
charging time
Approximately 5 hours * 2 When using an A adapter
Available times
About 500 times
Product Warranty
1 year from the date of purchase
Compatible models
iPhone / iPad / iPad mini, MicroUSB compatible smartphone / mobile phone, Wi-Fi router, iQOS, etc.
Pouch, USB-Micro USB cable (white), instruction manual / warranty card
Protection function
Overcharge (voltage / current), overdischarge (voltage / current), short-circuit (short), heat generation, device charge completion
* Please charge the main unit from the included USB cable.
* Some devices do not support the automatic power off function.
* Since the cable and the terminal are compatible, if you cannot charge with the attached cable, please try with the cable attached to the device to be charged.
* When charging from a household outlet, use a USB AC adapter with a rated current of 2A.
* Included is a Micro USB cable. Lightning cable is not included.