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cheero Power Mountain 50000mAh

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Use a PD-compatible USB AC adapter to charge your Cheero mobile battery with Power Delivery Fast Charging Technology (PD).
With other AC adapters, charging may be slow or charging may stop halfway.
Model number sold by cheero: CHE-328 (compatible with PD45W) USB AC adapter is recommended.

If you are using an adapter made by another company, for safety, please check the printing of the diamond-shaped PSE mark of the Japan Electrical Safety Law and the name of the manufacturing / importing company in Japanese.
USB adapters that do not have the diamond-shaped PSE mark of the Electrical Safety Law are also sold on EC sites. Please be careful.

World's first rice ball type oversized battery

There is no doubt that it will be very useful for charging smartphones and tablets in places where there is no outlet, such as in emergencies such as disasters, meetings, and outdoors! Since it supports Power Delivery 60W, ultra-high-speed charging to PD-compatible devices is possible. Furthermore, the main body can be charged speedily even though it has a large capacity by using a PD compatible adapter. (* PD adapter is not included.)


Extra large capacity 50,000mAh that can be used safely even in places where there is no outlet

It is difficult to have a conference room where all the attendees have outlets. Keep the cheero Power Mountain 50,000mAh on your desk so that you can at least charge your smartphone or tablet to your liking. With a large capacity of 50,000mAh, it's okay to charge multiple smartphones and tablets.


Large-capacity mobile battery as a disaster countermeasure

A tough aluminum case that is strong against impact, with a powerful LED light. It also comes with a simple drip-proof cover, and the cheero Power Mountain 50,000mAh can also be used as a mobile battery for disaster preparedness. In addition, the extra-large capacity of 50000mAh allows the iPhone 8 to be fully charged about 17 times!


Includes device stand and drip-proof cover

Includes a convenient device stand on which a tablet can be placed with this product as a support, and a drip-proof cover that protects the battery from accidental water droplets. Use the device stand and tablet to watch movies on the balcony, and use the drip-proof cover to watch cooking programs in the kitchen to improve your life.


Power supply capacity that works fully outdoors

Bluetooth speakers, LED lanterns, and USB fans that help BBQ charcoal fires. USB charging solutions are essential in modern outdoor camping. If you bring a lot of small mobile batteries, leave it to one cheero Power Mountain 50,000mAh.

Product name
cheero Power Mountain 50000mAh
Model number
Battery capacity
50000mAh 3.6V (180Wh) Lithium ion
USB C: DC 5V-20V (60W max.)
USB C: DC 5V-20V (60W max.)
USB A: DC 5V / 4.8A (2ports total)
Maximum output
60W (total of 3 ports)
Output port
3 ports
Body charging time
Approximately 8 hours (when using a USB PD30W compatible adapter)
* PD adapter is not included.
Dimensions (main body)
Approximately 100 x 100 x 90 mm
Weight (main body)
About 860 g
Main function
① USB C input / output port
② Supports Power Delivery (up to 60W)
③ AUTO-IC function
It automatically detects the connected device and draws the optimum current at a maximum of 2.4A.
④ Automatic stop function
Overcharge (voltage / current), Overdischarge (voltage / current)
When short-circuited (short-circuited), when heat is generated
⑤ Automatic stop function when device charging is completed * Some models do not support this.
⑥ LED light
Compatible models
・ Various iPhones, iPods, iPads
・ USB C / Micro USB compatible smartphone / tablet
・ Wi-Fi router
USB C-USB C cable for charging the main unit, device stand, drip-proof cover, instruction manual, warranty (1 year warranty)