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cheero Type-A to Type-C 90 ° Angled Cable

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L字型のコネクタが便利なType-A to Cケーブル!

Type-A to C cable with convenient L-shaped connector!

Both ends of the cable are bent 90 degrees, and the cable can be routed along the device to be connected, so smart wiring is possible without the connector part protruding.

> Click here for Type-A to C cable


Simple, durable and long-lasting

Made of highly durable nylon that is resistant to friction and pulling, the length is 100 cm, which is easy to use. The color is black, which makes dirt less noticeable and less boring.


Optimal connector for watching games and videos

When you enjoy games and videos while charging your smartphone, the cable does not get in the way and is comfortable.
It also prevents disconnection due to excessive bending.


Charging and data transfer are possible

It can flow current up to 3A and supports quick charging (equipped with a 56kΩ register). Data transfer is also possible at speeds of up to 480 Mbps.

product name
cheero Type-A to Type-C 90 ° Angled Cable
Model number
Maximum supported power
3A max.
About 100 cm
About 25 g
Compatible models
Smartphones, tablets, WiFi routers, mobile batteries, etc. equipped with USB Type-C terminals