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cheero CLIP 5 color set

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A versatile clip "cheero CLIP" that was released in 2014 and sold out on the same day. It's up to you to use it! Since it can be bent freely, the possibilities are endless.

Because it can be bent freely, it can be used not only as a cable but also as a money clip for sandwiching bills and as a magnet for holding notes.


Clip is a colorful set of 5 colors.

"Cheero CLIP" is a great value 5-color set. So you can share it with your family and friends as well as for yourself. You can use each color properly in various scenes, so it is very useful at home, at work, and at school.


A versatile clip that can be freely transformed. There are many ways to use it.

In addition to pinching, supporting, and sticking with magnetic force, it can also be used as a glasses holder! It works according to your lifestyle. It's not bulky, so you can put it in your bag and carry it around, which is very convenient.


Easily clean up your desk with just one clip ♪

Long earphones and bulky documents can be combined into one, which greatly improves work efficiency.


You can also use it as a money clip.

When you are busy, you can quickly collect the bills and go to a convenience store or a supermarket.

Product name
cheero CLIP
Model number
Dimensions (main body)
Approximately 120 x 20 x 2 mm
Weight (main body)
Approximately 16g (weight of one)