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cheero CLIP Light (5 color set)

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Introducing a colorful compact and slim type!

All 5 colors have a refreshing color lineup of aqua blue, emerald green, coral orange, white, and lemon yellow. There is a small hole on the side, so you can hang it on a hook and use it as a handkerchief.
Perfect for those who want to keep their belongings small, such as carrying two slender pens together instead of a pencil case!


Convenient because it is a magnet ◎

It can be used not only as a

cable, but also as a money clip for sandwiching bills and as a magnet for holding notes. The usage is infinite! Please try to find the original usage.


Value for money

The price is now better than the popular "cheero CLIP" 5-color set from the beginning! The appearance and price are even more cute and affordable ◎ The pop colors that make you feel bright when you look at them are perfect for small gifts! How about as a small gift for friends, lovers and family?


Cables that are easy to get entangled

Eliminates the hassle of carrying mobile gadgets and the hassle of cables. "Cheero CLIP Light" is a versatile clip that can neatly organize your earphone cables, including the cables that come with the cheero battery series.

Product name
cheero CLIP Light (5 color set)
Model number
Dimensions (main body)
Approximately 16 x 70 x 4 mm
Weight (main body)
Approximately 4 g (weight of one)