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cheero Solar Charger 14W

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cheero Solar Charger 14W

Foldable, ultra-lightweight and compact solar charger

Uses high quality solar panels to quickly charge smartphones, tablets and mobile batteries.
If you use the attached carabiner, you can hang it on a tent, backpack, etc. to generate electricity.

cheero Solar Charger 14W

Please prepare one for each family

In the event of a disaster, when there is no prospect of resuming electricity supply, even if you have a large-capacity mobile battery, your anxiety cannot be wiped out. Since this product can be powered as long as there is sunlight, it eliminates the anxiety of a disaster that the smartphone will run out of charge and become unusable.

cheero Solar Charger 14W

Two units can be charged at the same time

Since it has two USB-A output ports, it is possible to charge two devices at the same time. * When the light is weak, charge only one unit. In addition, even if the light does not hit during solar charging, if the solar panel is exposed to light again, it is equipped with an auto retry function that automatically resumes charging without any operation such as reconnection.

cheero Solar Charger 14W

Ultra-lightweight and compact

Lightweight body of about 340g despite high output. The size is about 28x49x0.3cm when unfolded, but it is reduced to about 28x15.5x2cm when folded. Not only is it convenient to carry, but it does not require a large space for storage.

cheero Solar Charger 14W

Protection function, 1 year warranty

Equipped with overcurrent prevention function and short circuit prevention function, considering safety. It also comes with a one-year warranty, so you can use it with confidence.

Product name
cheero Solar Charger 14W
Model number
Approximately 280mm x 155mm x 20mm (when folded)
Approximately 280mm x 490mm x 3mm (when unfolded)
Approximately 340 g
USB-A1: 5V / 2.4A max. (When using only USB-A1)
USB-A2: 5V / 2.4A max. (When using only USB-A2)
Maximum total output: 5V /2.4A (when using both USB-A1 and 2)
Conversion efficiency
Operating temperature range
Approximately -10 to 65 ° C
USB-A to Micro cable, 2 carabiners, instruction manual, warranty (1 year warranty)