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cheero Air Quality Monitor

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Multi-functional air measuring instrument made in Japan with 5 roles

Equipped with an NDIR method (non-dispersion infrared absorption method) sensor to accurately detect CO2 concentration. It also has PM2.5 / PM10 / temperature / humidity sensors, so you can observe the air quality all year round.

Reliable Japanese-made air measuring instrument

The demand for CO2 measuring instruments is increasing due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but there are many inexpensive measuring instruments equipped with low-precision sensors in the current market. This product is designed and manufactured in Japan for high precision and high quality finish. It is a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Check CO2 / PM2.5 / PM10 / temperature / humidity as a whole with one unit

Not only CO2 concentration but also PM2.5 (emissions from factories / automobiles, yellow sand, fine particles of cigarette smoke, etc.) and PM10 (dust, mold, pollen, etc.) can be measured. In addition, temperature and humidity can be measured, which is useful for operating an air purifier and determining ventilation and humidification / dehumidification.

Easy-to-understand display with pie charts that change numerical values and colors

Information on CO2, PM2.5, and PM10 is displayed simultaneously in a pie chart that changes color and numerical value. The difference in color displays the air condition in an easy-to-understand manner. * Temperature and humidity are numerical values only. Since the display is updated about every 10 seconds, it is possible to grasp the state of the place immediately and correctly.

Easy design that can be used by connecting

If you connect the attached cable, attached adapter, and measuring instrument, measurement will start automatically. Also, when you carry it to another room, it is lightweight and compact, so you can easily carry it (* not rechargeable). With a quiet design without alert sound, it can be used in restaurants, offices, schools, medical institutions, etc. without worrying about the sound.

product name
cheero Air Quality Monitor
Model number
Dimensions (main body)
Approximately 105 x 80 x 120 mm
Weight (main body)
About 160g
Input Power
DC5V / 1A USB-C (not rechargeable)
power consumption
1.5W or less
Alert sound
Sensor measurement range
Dust sensor (PM2.5 / PM10): 0-1000 μg (laser diffusion type)
Gas sensor (CO2): 0 to 5000ppm (NDIR type)
Temperature / humidity sensor: 0 ~ 50 ℃ / 20 ~ 90% (NTC type / resistance type)
USB-AtoC cable for power supply (2m), USB AC adapter, instruction manual, warranty (2 years)
* If the usage period exceeds 5 years, the sensor accuracy may drop and the accurate value may not be displayed.