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cheero Wall Mount Kit for Meta Quest 2

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Meta Quest Hook / nail set for hanging 2 on the wall

VR goggles developed and sold by Facebook " Meta Quest 2 (formerly A hook / nail set for hanging "Oculus Quest 2)" on the wall.
Utility model registered.
Where to install
Gypsum board wall (9 mm or more), thin board wall (5 mm or more), printed plywood such as wallpaper and cloth upholstery
* Do not use on hard walls such as concrete, bricks and tiles, earthen walls, fragile walls such as plaster, and sound absorbing boards.

Needle hole is inconspicuous

Using a nail thinner than a commercially available thumbtack, the nail is inserted diagonally to the wall surface, so the needle hole when removed is not noticeable. In addition, strength is ensured by using multiple nails.

Does not squeeze desk or shelf space

Since it is hung on the wall, there is no need for storage space such as on a desk, shelf, or in a drawer. It can be hung on the wall like an object.

Cable / spare battery holder

Convenient with a holder for hanging cables while using Meta Quest 2 and a holder for storing spare batteries for the controller.

Made with a 3D printer

This product is manufactured with the cheero 3D printer "cheero 3D pro".

product name
cheero Wall Mount Kit for Meta Quest 2
Model number
Main body hook: Approx. 47 x 88 x 22 mm / Controller hook: Approx. 56 x 56 x 44 mm
About 56g
Mounting nails, USB-AtoC cable for charging (2m), USB AC adapter, setting template, instruction manual
Body: PLA / Nail: Iron