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cheero pino for Kids

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cheero pino

Safe and easy installation! Wireless earphones for kids

A wireless earphone that can be used by children with peace of mind because it is an "open type" that can be attached near your ears and you can hear the surrounding sounds without blocking your ears.
Even if you are crazy about online lessons and games that are increasing recently, you can hear the voices from the people around you.
(Of course, adults can also use it.)
It's very easy to put on your ears. It's super lightweight, about 27g, so it's designed so that it doesn't put a strain on your ears even if you use it for a long time.

cheero pino

Bluetooth 5.0 compatible / AAC codec compatible

With Bluetooth 5.0 support, the data communication speed is doubled, the communication range is four times, and the communication capacity is eight times higher than Bluetooth 4.2.
Delivers high-speed and stable sound.
Also, the codec supports not only standard SBC but also AAC! You can enjoy high-quality sound with Apple products such as iPhone.

cheero pino

Equipped with Qualcomm® QCC3003 chipset

Qualcomm's QCC3003 chipset makes it difficult for sound to be interrupted when playing video, audio, or music, achieving high sound quality and low delay.

cheero pino

Equipped with CVC8.0 noise canceling

High-performance CVC8.0 noise canceling technology is used to achieve high sound insulation and clear calls.
(* CVC8.0 noise canceling function is a function that removes noise during a call, not noise during music playback.)

cheero pino

Battery lasts longer

With a 90-minute charge, you can make continuous calls for about 6 to 7 hours or play music for about 4 to 5 hours!
You can play an active part in various scenes such as remote work, online lessons, games, and watching videos.

cheero pino

One-handed music operation / hands-free calling

It's super easy to use!
You can perform all music and call operations with one hand.

Press and hold the + button on the right ear side for 5 seconds to hear the announcement "Power on" and turn on the power.
Sound will be heard when connected (paired) to a device such as a smartphone.
* If you register once, it will be automatically connected to the device from the second time onward.

cheero pino

● Play / Pause: Touch the multifunction area
● Increase the volume: Press the + button once
● Decrease the volume: Press the-button once
● Next Song: Press the + button twice in a row
● Previous song: Press the-button twice in a row
● Call start / end: Touch the multifunction area

Product name
cheero pino
Model number
Black, white, mint
Dimensions (main body)
Approximately 130 x 100 x 48 mm
Weight (main body)
Approximately 27 g
Waterproof standard
Corresponding profile
Supported codecs
Charging time
Approximately 1.5 hours
Continuous playback time
Approximately 6-7 hours (call only) / 4-5 hours (music only)
Maximum communication distance
Approximately 10 m (no obstacles)
5V / 150mA
Battery capacity
3.7V / 230mAh
USB-A to micro USB cable for charging, pouch, instruction manual / warranty (1 year)