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cheero Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

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Introducing a convenient transmitter that can be used with wireless devices even on TVs and PCs that do not support Bluetooth!

The transmitter and receiver are integrated, and audio from TV etc. can be transferred to Bluetooth earphones.
It is possible to play music from smartphones and other devices on audio devices that do not support Bluetooth.

Two earphones can be connected at the same time! By connecting your Bluetooth earphones, you can enjoy the sound of TV with your family and friends.


1 unit 2 roles Bluetooth transmitter / receiver

You can easily switch between send mode and receive mode with a single switch!

Send (TX) mode:
It is possible to transfer the sound of a TV or audio device that does not support Bluetooth to earphones / speakers that support Bluetooth.

Receive (RX) mode:
Music from Bluetooth-compatible smartphones and tablets can be played on audio devices such as speakers that do not support Bluetooth.


Two earphones can be connected at the same time

If you prepare two Bluetooth compatible earphones, you can connect them at the same time.
You can enjoy playing games and watching movies with the powerful sound of earphones with your spouse, lover, or friends.

* We cannot guarantee that all Bluetooth earphones can be connected.


Equipped with optical digital terminal

If you use an optical cable, you can enjoy clear sound with less deterioration of sound and noise.
It also has an AUX terminal, and can be connected with a 3.5mm audio cable or RCA (male) conversion cable.
* For connection with an optical cable, the TV etc. must support the optical digital terminal.


Package contents

cheero Wireless Transmitter and Receiver, audio cable, optical cable, USB-A to micro USB cable for power supply, RCA conversion cable, instruction manual, warranty (1 year)

* A separate USB AC adapter is required to use the transmitter.

Product name
cheero Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
Model number
Dimensions (main body)
Approximately 61 x 61 x 20 mm
Weight (main body)
About 40 g
5V / 1A micro USB
Audio cable, optical cable, RCA conversion cable, USB-A to micro USB cable for power supply, instruction manual, warranty card (1 year) * USB AC adapter is not included.