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cheero GODZILLA Wireless Earphones

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Full wireless earphone with Godzilla's bark

This is a special model full wireless earphone designed by Godzilla.
Equipped with a gimmick that fans will love, with all 6 patterns of Godzilla's barking, such as when the power is turned on or when pairing. The special specifications with Godzilla design on the earphone body, earphone case, and package are full of premium feeling. High-spec specifications with high sound quality and low delay, equipped with the QCC3020 chip made by Qualcomm®.
Enjoy your music life with a powerful sound like Godzilla.

Earphone case with automatic power ON function & mobile battery function

When you take out the earphone from the case, the power turns on automatically and you can immediately connect to a Bluetooth compatible device.
After listening to music, just put it in the case and it will start charging automatically!
Also, the case is equipped with a USB-A output port. It can also be used as a mobile battery to charge devices such as smartphones.
* Output: 5V / 1A max. Capacity: 2200mAh
With a digital indicator, you can check the remaining capacity at a glance.
(The attached cable and USB charger (sold separately) are required to charge the case.)

Equipped with Qualcomm® QCC3020 chipset

Qualcomm® certification has been obtained, and continuous playback is possible for up to about 10 hours.
Even if the battery runs out, you can play it continuously for up to about 180 hours by returning it to the case and repeating charging!

Music operation / hands-free call with one button

You can perform all music and call operations with the touch of a button, such as 1 touch to play / stop, 2 touches to the right button to the next song, 2 touches to the left button to the previous song, and so on.
In addition, the support holder attached to the earphone body fits comfortably in the ear recess. Prevents the earphones from coming off your ears. In addition, rubber without a support holder is included, so please use that if you wish.

IPX5 level waterproof performance grade

Clears the waterproof rating of IPX5, which can be used without problems without worrying about sweat or rain.
You can use it with confidence even in sweat or sudden rain caused by long training.
(* Since it is a water drop level waterproof grade, it does not support long-term inundation.)

Product name

cheero GODZILLA Wireless Earphones

Model number


Earphones main unit

Dimensions (main body)

Approximately 22 x 16 x 25 mm

Weight (main body)

Approximately 5 g (total 10 g)

Bluetooth Ver.


Waterproof standard




Supported codecs

SBC, AAC, aptX

Continuous call /
Music playback time

Approximately 8-10 hours

Communication distance

Approximately 10 m (no obstacles)

Battery capacity

3.7V / 45mAh

Frequency range

20Hz --20KHz

Supported OS

Android / iOS / Windows

Earphones Charging Case

Dimensions (main body)

Approximately 80 x 47 x 28 mm

Weight (main body)

Approximately 80 g

Battery capacity

3.7V / 2200mAh

Charging time

About 3 hours

Number of charges
(from case to main body)

About 18 times


5V / 1A USB-C


5V / 1A USB-A


5 types of earpieces (SSS / SS / S / M / L), replacement rubber, USB-A to C cable for charging, instruction manual, warranty (1 year)