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cheero Wireless Earphones LITE

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Full wireless earphones with 3 beats of design, sound quality and price!

Furthermore, the earphone case that can be used as a smartphone stand is very useful when watching videos.
It is also a nice point to be able to set the angle of the smartphone in two stages. Available in three colors: white, black, and blue. I made it a calm color with a matte texture. Because it is simple, it is a design that blends into any scene. * It may not be possible to use it as a stand on tablets and large smartphones.

With case holder that can be attached to the bag

Comes with a special case holder that can be attached to the shoulder belt of a bag to quickly put on and take off earphones. Case holders are manufactured one by one using a 3D printer.
* Utility model application completed
* Because it is a PLA material, please be careful about high temperature environments such as inside automobiles in the summer.

Powerful bass

Delicately expresses the powerful deep bass and the mid-high range of musical instruments and vocals. Recommended for those who do not want to compromise on the mid-high range while emphasizing the bass.

Playback for up to 20 hours despite its compact size

The music playback time of the earphone body is up to 5 hours. Since it can be charged 3 times in the charging case, it can be played for up to 20 hours.
Since it is equipped with a microphone, it is also recommended for calls and online meetings. It is also possible to use only one ear.

AAC codec compatible / IPX5 level waterproof performance grade


codec supports not only standard SBC but also AAC! You can enjoy high-quality sound with Apple products such as iPhone.
Clears the waterproof rating of IPX5, which can be used without problems without worrying about sweat or rain. You can use it with confidence even in the case of sweat or sudden rain caused by long hours of training. (* Since it is a water drop level waterproof grade, it does not support long-term inundation.)

Technical suitability certification acquired

This product and the earphones handled by cheero have acquired technical suitability certification that certifies that they comply with the technical standards stipulated by the Radio Law, and can be used safely and securely. ..
Certification number: 210-172571

Product name
cheero Wireless Earphones LITE
Model number
Black, blue, white
Dimensions (main body)
Approximately 27 x 17 x 23 mm
Weight (main body)
Approximately 5 g
Bluetooth Ver.
Waterproof standard
Corresponding profile
Supported codecs
Charging time
Approximately 1.5 hours
Continuous playback time
(earphone only)
About 5 hours
Continuous playback time
(including case)
About 20 hours
Maximum communication distance
Approximately 15 m (no obstacles)
5V / 1A
Battery capacity
Earpiece (S / M / L) USB-A to C cable for charging, cloth, instruction manual / warranty (1 year)