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cheero3D filament PLA 1kg

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PLA filament (1.75mm diameter) white or black 1kg (over 300m) reel filament that is the material of cheero's 3D printer.

Uses PLA material It is a PLA material that can be stored for 1 year without opening and for 3 months after opening.

Unlike ABS, it is odorless and harmless, so it is suitable for home use and can be safely used by children.

PLA is a biodegradable material derived from plants, so it is an earth-friendly ingredient. Eventually it will be water and carbon dioxide.

Product name
cheero3D filament PLA 1kg
Model number
Product features
PLA filament with a diameter of Φ1.75 mm. Due to the high tolerance accuracy, no extra stress is applied to the nozzle and uniform filament lamination is possible. The metric display embossed on the reel shows the approximate remaining amount, and you can prevent the situation where the filament is insufficient during modeling. There are few bubbles and impurities, and nozzle clogging is less likely to occur. PLA is a plant-derived biodegradable material made from corn, which is environmentally and physically friendly, odorless and harmless, and is suitable for home use by children. The shelf life is 1 year before opening and about 3 months after opening.
Packing specifications
Delivered in a vacuum pack with a desiccant.