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cheero DANBOARD USB Cable with USB Type-C

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USB Type-C cable is now available in the DANBOARD series!

USB Type-C cable (USB-A to USB-C) joins the popular DANBOARD series. It can be used for USB Type-C compatible cheero battery charging, smartphones, Nintendo Switch, etc. If you connect your smartphone to your PC, you can also transfer data.


There are two lengths, 50 cm and 100 cm!

We have prepared two lengths, 50 cm and 100 cm, which are easy to use. In addition, since the upper limit of the current is set by installing a 56kΩ register, it is possible to avoid applying a load beyond the design to the connected device and prevent damage, so you can use it with confidence.


With a gimmick that shines

The USB terminal with Danbo's face is equipped with a gimmick that makes your eyes shine. Not only does it shine, but the color of the light informs you of the energization status of the cable. ([When energized] No device charge: Lights red, When device is charged: Lights yellow) The original fan is also satisfied with the finish.


Reversible Type-C

In addition to being as compact as a USB micro-B, it features a reversible specification that allows you to insert it without worrying about the front and back. You don't have to think about the direction to insert the connector each time, so you are free from stress.


Durable, fashionable and entangled material

Made of durable, fashionable and entangled fabric material. You can quickly take it out even when you are on the go, such as when traveling or on a business trip, and you can charge your device immediately! It is a very cute design that faithfully reproduces the world view of Danbo.

product name
cheero DANBOARD USB Cable with USB Type-C
Model number
50cm: CHE-254 / 100cm: CHE-255
Maximum supported power
Length (1)
About 50 cm / about 100 cm
Weight (1)
About 15 g / about 20 g
Data transfer speed
Up to 480Mbps
Compatible models
Nintendo Switch / New Makbook / Sony Xperia XZs XZ2 / Galaxy S8 S8 + / HTC 10 / Other USB Type-C compatible models