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cheero DANBOARD USB-C Cable with Lightning

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USB-C to Lightning cable joins the DANBOARD series!

There are two lengths, 50 cm and 100 cm, which are easy to use.
Using this product from the USB-C output port, ultra-rapid charging and data transfer to the iPhone is possible!
(* Ultra-fast charging is supported on iPhone 8 and later models.)


Eyes shine when charging!

The USB terminal with Danbo's face is equipped with a gimmick that makes your eyes shine. When you connect to your iPhone and start charging, your eyes will glow orange!
(The color of the lit eyes does not change.)


Supports Power Delivery

Quick charging technology Power Delivery compatible, enabling ultra-fast charging at up to 30W to Apple devices equipped with a Lightning terminal!
With iPhone X, you can charge up to 74% in 45 minutes.
(* However, a Power Delivery compatible device and a USB AC adapter are required for ultra-rapid charging.)


Reliable Apple MFi certified

It has acquired Apple MFi certification, so you can use it with peace of mind as much as a genuine cable.
Designed to work optimally with iPhones, iPads, iPods and other Lightning terminal devices.


Uses highly durable nylon that does not easily get entangled

Passed the bending test more than 30,000 times! A sturdy design that is resistant to pulling and twisting has been achieved.
A highly durable cable that can be used for a long time with peace of mind. And it is a very cute design that faithfully reproduces the world view of Danbo.

product name
cheero DANBOARD USB-C Cable with Lightning
Model number
50cm: CHE-272 / 100cm: CHE-273
Maximum supported power
20V / 3A (60W max)
Length (1)
About 50 cm / about 100 cm
Weight (1)
About 15 g / about 25 g
Compatible models
Various iPhones compatible with Lightning terminal