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What is a NEM player?

A mobile player that connects wired / wireless earphones to play a comfortable sound source for sleep. It has a built-in sound source for 60 minutes for sleep and 25 minutes for nap, for a total of 30 sound sources.
NEM is recommended for people of all ages and men and women who have the following problems.
〇 Those who want to create an environment where they can sleep soundly
〇 Those who want to create a space where tinnitus is not a concern
〇 Those who want an environment where they can concentrate on work and learning
〇 Relaxation on the move Those who want
〇 Those who are worried about putting their children to sleep


Wireless or wired connection is OK

With the Bluetooth function, you can connect to your favorite wireless earphones / headphones / speakers and listen to music. You can also connect to wired earphones / headphones / speakers. * No sound is produced with this product alone. Be sure to bring earphones / headphones / speakers.


Development of "sound" for health

A total of 30 sound sources for sleep and relaxation refined by the development of the "Sleepion" series, which has a history of 8 years, are built-in. After suppressing the frequency that raises the tension of human beings, we have put together a relaxed and reassuring tone. In addition, you can enjoy a relaxed feeling with a 3D sound that spreads naturally, and a gentle change in rhythm leads to a deep calm before you know it.
Sample sound source:


Get a good night's sleep anytime, anywhere

Originally, in order to sleep, I had to go to an environment suitable for sleeping. Therefore, by pursuing compactness to the size that fits in your pocket, we have made it possible to carry an environment suitable for sleeping. With the built-in sound that you can easily take out at home, on the go or on the move, you can use it not only for sleeping at night, but also for lunch breaks and short naps. Furthermore, in REST mode for nap, it changes to a lively rhythm about 20 minutes after the start of playback, prompting a refreshing awakening.


Easy operation that is easy for anyone to use

Only the three buttons "BT (Bluetooth)", "SLEEP" and "REST" are displayed on the home screen. Tap the "BT" button, connect to the Bluetooth device, select the "SLEEP" or "REST" mode, and you can start using it immediately. (In the case of wired earphones, the sound source can be played by simply pressing the "SLEEP" or "REST" button after connecting to the earphones.) Also, after playing for 60 minutes in SLEEP mode and 25 minutes in REST mode, it will be played automatically. Stop
Moreover, because it is a product with the PSE mark, you can use it more "safely" and "safely".

Product name
Model number
Dimensions (battery)
Approx. 70 x 44 x 16 mm
Weight (battery)
Approximately 205 g
Earphone terminal
Supported codecs
Maximum communication distance
Approximately 10 m (no obstacles)
Built-in battery
3.7V / 1000mAh (lithium ion battery)
DC 5V / 1A max. USB-C
Charging time
About 2 hours
Playback time
Approximately 22 hours (when using Bluetooth earphones) / Approximately 42 hours (when using wired earphones)
Operating temperature
0-45 ℃
USB-A to C cable for charging, pouch for NEM, instruction manual, warranty (1 year)