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With a dedicated battery for Sleepion3

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What is Sleepion3?

Pillows are the first thing people who want to get a good night's sleep. Next is the mattress, and then the mattress. In addition, there are various types such as comforters, blankets, and mattresses, but some of them are very expensive and cannot be easily obtained.

Sleepion 3 is developed by cheero for people who are particular about bedding but still can't get a good night's sleep. A good sleep support tool.

Sleepion 3 has succeeded in creating the environment necessary for sleeping by working on human hearing, smell, and vision, which cannot be covered by conventional bedding.

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Four technologies that create a comfortable and relaxing space


Sound quality

Many acoustic sounds, including the sounds of musical instruments, and natural sounds have the property of spreading in almost all directions. However, many conventional speakers emit sound in the forward direction, and cannot take full advantage of its properties. The sound spun out from the Sleepion 3 speaker spreads 360 ° in all directions like ripples on the surface of the water and wraps around the entire room, while retaining the original properties of the sound itself.

Also, the fulcrum of the vibration of the speaker is set directly below the direction of gravity. Since no lateral or diagonal force is applied to the movement of the speaker, ideal operation is possible.

Since these characteristics are similar to those of natural sounds, it is possible to reduce the unnaturalness of conventional audio that makes it difficult to hear the voice, for example, because it is disturbed by the sound of the speakers. I can do it.

Sound source-15 songs that encourage a relaxed state-!?

Built-in sound source that is most suitable for falling asleep In addition to the original sound source that has been proven in Sleepion and Sleepion 2, it is newly equipped with classical songs and natural sounds that you have heard once. Supports a good night's sleep.

  • 01. Utakata (original)
    02. Madoromi (original)
    03. Mori no Kaori (original)
    04. Hiroiumi (original)
    05. Warmth (original) 06. Canon
    07. Air on the G string
    08. Schubert's childhood song
  • 09. Mozart's Lullaby
    10. Troimerai
    11. My Grandfather's Clock
    12. Brahms' Lullaby
    13. Chopin's Nocturne
    14. Shizuka Beach (Nature) Sound)
    15. Bird song (natural sound)


Fragrance-cheero original aroma sheet-

Pulp rings containing essential oils are individually packaged. Eliminates the difficulty of handling the oil type. A fresh scent experience that can be stored for a long time and can be reassured by anyone at any time has been realized.

From a total of 14 types of aroma sheets developed by cheero, 3 types (lavender, geranium, benzoin) from relaxing aromas suitable for sleeping are included in Sleepion 3.

* At any time: Aroma sheets individually wrapped one by one can be stored unopened for about 3 years.
* When opened, the effect lasts for an average of 48 hours in a completely open state.If you store it in a sealable bag, you can set it in the Sleepion for 8 hours every day and use it for 5 to 6 days (it may vary depending on the usage situation)


Light-Reproduce the fluctuation of a soothing candle-

Natural and comfortable fluctuations inspired by candles. People who get in the way of the light when sleeping can turn it off.

First, let's know about sleep


Do you know? Dangers caused by lack of sleep

"Sleep debt" where slight sleep deprivation accumulates. Even if you think that you have no problem with sleep, you may not be able to get enough sleep, and the effects will accumulate like debt. This accumulation not only leads to poor concentration, obesity, aging, and impaired daily life, but also leads to serious illnesses such as increased risk of cancer due to weakened immunity and dementia.


Sleep for less than 6 hours is the same as all night !?

Surprising verification results show that if you sleep for 6 hours for 2 weeks, your brain will work at the same level as if you stayed up all night for 2 nights. It is also said that lack of sleep causes an annual economic loss of 15 trillion yen in Japan. A good night's sleep is the foundation of a healthy life and avoids the risk of illness and accidents.

In order to create a natural sleep, it is important to create an environment that appeals to the five human senses


How can we create a natural and good sleeping environment that does not rely on medicines? It is important not only to review lifestyle habits, such as not staying up late and not looking at smartphones until just before going to sleep, but also to optimize the sleeping environment within the range affected by the five human senses.
・ Refrain from caffeine and deep liquor after the evening
・ Eat meals 2-3 hours before bedtime
・ Take a bath slowly in the bathtub instead of taking a shower
・ Sleep 1 Do not look at your PC or smartphone before hours
・ Use bedding that suits your body, such as pillows and mattresses, etc.

"Sleepion" creates an environment for the three senses (hearing, sight, and smell) of the five senses using the three elements of sound, light, and incense. It was developed with the aim of regaining it and evoking the "sleeping power" that humans originally have.
Product name
Sleepion 3
Model number
Operating temperature
-5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
Maximum output
2W (when using the built-in sound source) / 4W (when using the external input terminal)
Power duration
Approximately 30 hours (when using battery) * Varies depending on usage conditions
External size
90W x 90D x 150H mm (main unit only) 99W x 99D x 172H mm (when using battery holder)
215g (main unit only) 275g (when using battery holder) 370g (when using battery and battery holder)
USB-microUSB cable (200cm), USB AC adapter, dedicated mobile battery, USB-micro cable (11cm)
Aroma sheet: Lavender x 4, Geranium x 3, Benzoin x 3
Aroma guidebook, plastic bag for storing aroma
Picture book (with CD), instruction manual, warranty card
Attached adapter (PSE acquired)
100-240V-50 / 60Hz 0.35A
5.0V d.c 2000mA
Attached battery (PSE acquired)
Model number
Battery capacity
3200mAh, Lithium polymer
50 × 85 × 16mm (L / W / T)
5V / 1A max
5V / 2.1A max
Charging time
Approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes (when using the AC adapter included with this unit)
Protection function
1) Automatic stop function when overcharged (voltage / current)
2) Automatic stop function at over discharge (voltage / current)
3) Automatic stop function when short-circuited (short-circuited)
4) Automatic stop function when heat is generated